Ecotourism in Australia

January 10th, 2011

We hear a lot about Australia and Ecotourism lately, but sometimes there is some confusion about just what Ecotourism really means. Ecotourism basically means to travel in a conscientious way to an area with the knowledge that it has to be done in a caring aware manner. Ecotourism is to travel in such a way that it conserves the environment. It is taking responsibility for what you do while there, and making sure that you do not harm the environment in any way.

There is also the added component that it’s not just to do as little damage as possible, but also to somehow improve the area in some way. Ecotourism in Australia is so very important because even though Australia is a vast country, it is also very sensitive to animal extinction and coastline pollution. Australia has as much as 7% of all of the species on this planet. It actually has twice as much as North America and Europe combined. However, in the last two hundred years it is estimated that Australia has lost as much as twenty species of mammals due to extinction.

The allure of Australia‘s beauty makes it a favorite place for tourism. However, with Ecotourism travel can be addressed in a more sensitive way to the surroundings. There are presently more than one thousand mammals and birds facing extinction in Australia. Ecotourism can put some light on this grave problem. It is a great opportunity to learn all about Australia’s fragile ecosystem and also how to be of real help

No one that travels to Australia would like to lose its natural beauty. Australia‘s beauty is what they are coming to see. Ecotourism in Australia can help in educating everyone near and afar, like it has been done with the Brazilian Amazon forest. Ecotourism can be more enjoyable than the regular vacation that we are accustomed. It will not be just a matter of booking into a hotel, staying by the pool, visit a few local places and returning home pretty much the same way that we left. With Ecotourism in Australia, there is a better chance of connecting to the earth in a more caring and personal way.